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Antimony Media is a consulting company focused on medieval history, culture, and art. Founded and operated by Dana Cushing, Antimony exists to discuss, to show, and to inform on all things medieval. We exist to bring a new energy and new perspective to history and its significance.

Dana Cushing, historical consultant, author, speaker, and medievalist

Ms. Cushing's expertise is informed by her experience. Her academic career has taken her through Canada, Britain, and the US. Under the guidance of Edward A. Synan, Dana gained in-depth knowledge of Medieval religion and culture, especially relating to the Crusades. In addition to classroom experience, Dana has firsthand, on-the-ground experience in geographic regions where Crusades took place. Having served in the US Marine Corps, she boasts a unique insight into military history — a perspective shared by few of her academic peers. Together, these experiences bring a sense of realism and pragmatism to her work as an academic and historical consultant.

Dana Cushing is currently available for film consultation and media interviews.

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